Green Dragon Productions

Efficient 5000w PA system

This loud sound system is completely powered from the Sun via our Solar Generator. It is suitable for full bands and DJs and will run all weekend even if its cloudy. We are experienced sound engineers and our Outback power systems inverter is as reliable as a generator and less noisy and smelly. Coupled with an all LED lighting rig and industry standard off-grid solar equipment, the PA system is ultra efficient using the latest Yamaha and Nexo technologies.

4 speaker Active Yamaha DSR PA system inc. DSR118W subs and DSR115 full range tops (Yamaha's top of the range powered speakers), 4 x Yamaha DBR10 powered monitors, plus Shure SM58s, AKG Blueline Condensers, Audix D6 Kick, drum and instrument mics, Di Boxes, Behringer Xr18 18ch Digital Mixer (with A&H analogue back-up). Our stage lighting rig is 8 x 15w RGBA LED parcans and 2 x 120w CW/WW/A LED stage floods controlled by Zero88 level 6 DMX. Plus loads of LED strips, festoon lighting and ambient sparklies.