Green Dragon Productions

Marquees, tents and awnings

Vintage Green Army Marquees

Army marquee hire, they can be cafes, mess tents or catering areas, music venues, cool party spaces, workshop spaces, festival accommodation or living space. They are perfect for WW2 themed events, film props or re-enactments.

Green canvas traditional wooden poled tents with walls and ground-sheets. They can be set up as 6x9 meters with 2 poles - or as 6x6 meters with one central pole. I have 2 of these military marquees to hire, one is new and the other is around 50 years old. The doors can be placed anywhere you require. The tents can come with fire extinguishers, groundsheets and lighting. Longer wooden poles can raise parts of the sides for doorways. They are both robust and waterproof. Because they are made from quality, heavy canvas, we use them for our solar cinema.

White Frame Tent

New in is this 5mx5m White Canvas frame tent. It is bomb-proof and looks great, light and warm inside. This is an amazingly engineered bit of kit with folding Aluminium struts. It also has a really thick, white canvas, perfect for workshops requiring light.

Awnings and Shelters

We can erect canvas awnings for rain cover and workshop spaces. Currently we have 2 3x6m green canvas and one 4x4m white canvas.