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Sustainable Events and Festival Venues

Green Dragon Productions offers professional and sustainable event production services to event organisers and music promoters. Our solar-powered sound and lighting systems provide a reliable and efficient solution for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing quality. With modern equipment and experienced AV technicians, we deliver top-notch performances for even the most technically demanding live events. Our lithium Lifepo4 batteries provide enough power to run a loud stage for 350 people and we can deliver it all in one LWB van. We offer infrastructure and technical support for gatherings, festivals, and camps and are fully insured with all relevant health and safety documentation. Contact us for a quote and let us help make your next event more sustainable while maintaining a professional level of service. Connect with us on Facebook at

'Great work, hope your team will come back next year and do it all again... your kit is top shelf, great to have an off-grid system that all works AND sounds great.. nice one lad!' - Joe from Fire in the Mountain festival (Travelling Barn Stage)

'Totally recommend Blake, he started off just putting in a back stage tent for our festival but this year did 3 lovely tents, PA for second stage, cinema PA and all solar powered. When the main stage went down he stepped up and powered that too. Nothing was a problem and can't recommend enough.' Cindy from Lfest (Arts Stage)

We provide infrastructure and technical support for gatherings, festivals and camps and host our own event Radical Bakers Gathering. We also run The Green Dragon Mobile Maker Space.