Barefoot Festival

27th-30th July 2018, Prestwold Hall, Loughborough

Barefoot Festival is all about getting back to basics, getting grass in between your toes and taking time out from the pressures of modern life. Try something you’ve never done before, spend quality time with the family, meet like minded new friends. Relax, unwind and refresh yourself with a weekend in the beautiful great British countryside!

The Green Dragon solar stage will be hosting Burlesque and Dance workshops.

Solar stage specs here

Radical Herbalism Gathering

9-11th June 2017, Shrewsbury

Green Dragon will be providing solar power and efficient PA systems for the workshops spaces.

Weaving four strands of ideas together: Radical Approaches to Health, Sustainability and Ecological Justice, Health and Social Justice and Herbal Medicine in Practice. Revolutionary medicine.


Some pictures from 2016

Roots Gathering

Roots Gathering is a fabulous event taking place on 18th-20th May 2018 at Hole Park near Rolvenden, Kent. It’s founders, Philip and Lynne Cowley Jones describes it as a:

‘micro festival…about coming back into right relationship with the land we live on and exploring the bones of our culture through arts and traditional crafts.’ There will be some fantastic workshops and talks on offer… ‘traditional crafts and arts like wood carving and clay sculpture, earth mandalas and bull roarer making.
We will also have talks on European mythology and folk traditions, drumming, meditation and camp fire performances and much much more!’

Facebook event :

Summer 2017 Gallery

Here are some of the pictures from the events I have worked on and organised in summer 2017. It was a long and busy summer and Green Dragon has had the pleasure of working with so many different people.

Wild Women’s Camp

Wild Woman Camp is at a Secret Location in Leicestershire. Women only, held 19-21st May 2016. Camping with workshops & ritual. Find out more by emailing…

Some pics from 2016

Into the Wild

26-29th August, Bentley estate, East Sussex

Into the Wild will have amazing music from around the world with loads of great activities, fantastic workshops & talks.

Green Dragon will be providing our completely solar powered sound system and LED lighting rig.

Northern Green Gathering

Green Dragon has helped out in various capacities over the years at NGG and we give them credit for kickstarting the green festival scene in the North of England. Northern Green is a hippy dippy, creative mess of a festival. Beautiful and unique.

Thornborough Festival at Lime Tree Farm

The Thornborough festival was conceived to highlight quarrying around the important neolithic site of the Thornborough Henges. The Brainchild of George Chaplin and Matty Jacobs, the festival ran for 5 years 2003-2008 on several beautiful sites in North Yorkshire including Lime Tree Farm near Grewelthorpe.

Sustainable Festival Infrastructure

Sustainable festival and camp infrastructure: Utility grade Outback Solar power and electrical distribution, efficient PA systems up to 5000w including induction hearing aid loops with experienced technicians, canvas marquees, site and décor lighting including LED festoon and floods, stage and disco lighting, ambient/twinkly lights.

We can run silent discos, loud discos, wedding discos. We do disco… We can also provide a live stage and very experienced sound crew. We can solar power kitchen equipment and loads up to 2kw (6kw peak) including fridges and blenders. We can provide sustainable festival and camp infrastructure packages to suit you.

gaia caberet

We provide infrastructure and technical support for small festivals and camps like The Gaia Tribe, Radical Herbalism Gathering and Positive Vibrations Festival.

Sustainable Events