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Solar Generator

Our Outback Power Systems solar generator means no noise, no smell and safer, good quality power from the sun.

fx2024 Outback inverter: Outback make reliable and efficient pure sine wave inverters. This inverter will put out 2000W of 240VAC continuously, enough to run a loud music venue for 350 people with our modern PA systems and LED lighting. (plus Studer AJ800 backup)
1 x Victron Smartsolar 250/85 85A MPPT charge controller (plus 1 x Outback FM60 60A MPPT backup).
2200W of roll out Uni-Solar amorphous solar panels: Uni-Solar Amorphous panels are suited to the English climate as they deal better with cloudy conditions.
10kWh LiFePo4 Lithium battery: LiFePo4 Batteries are 1/4 the weight of Lead acid, for the same amount of available energy. They can be charged and discharged up to 5000 times compared to 500 times for Lead Acid batteries. They are relatively safe and non-toxic.

The system is flight-cased, DC fused, Earthed, RCD protected and uses industry standard MC4 DC connectors and 32/16A CEE form AC connectors and distro. We guarantee to run our equipment all weekend even in poor weather although extremely poor weather may mean reduced volume levels.