Green Dragon Solar Generator

The Green Dragon solar generator provides utility grade 240v AC electrical power – off grid. We replace a diesel generator at your event. Our Outback Power solar system means no noise, no smell and better quality power. Contact us.

Solar generator Specs

fx2024 Outback inverter: Outback make reliable and ultra-efficient pure sine wave inverters. This inverter will put out 2000w continuously, enough to run a loud music venue for 500 people with our ultra-efficient PA systems and LED lighting. Outback FM60 60 amp MPPT charge controller: The best charge controllers on the market. 2500 watts of roll out Uni-Solar amorphous solar panels (18 of them): Uni-Solar Amorphous panels take up more room per watt than Mono-crystalline but are better suited to the English climate as they deal better with cloudy conditions. 500 AH @ 24v of AGM batteries: AGM batteries are sealed and unspillable. All controlled and configured by an Outback Power Mate 3. The mate3 gives complete control over both charge controller and inverter via a communications hub.

green dragon solar generator panels

The system is flight-cased, DC fused, earthed, RCD protected and uses industry standard MC3 DC connectors and 16 amp CEE form AC connectors and distro.

The Solar generator is available for weekend hire. Discounts for green community organisations, ecological action groups and renewably powered family events.

green dragon solar generator at green gathering 2014

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