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Renewable energy, PA, lighting and technical support from Green Dragon Productions

You dont have to compromise quality sound or atmosphere to run from green and renewable sources. Modern efficient equipment powered by utility grade Outback Power Systems solar power.

Green Dragon Solar Generator

The Green Dragon solar generator provides utility grade 240v AC electrical power – off grid. We replace a diesel generator at your event. Our Outback Power solar system means no noise, no smell and better quality power. Contact us.

Solar generator Specs

fx2024 Outback inverter: Outback make reliable and ultra-efficient pure sine wave inverters. This inverter will put out 2000w continuously, enough to run a loud music venue for 500 people with our ultra-efficient PA systems and LED lighting. Outback FM60 60 amp MPPT charge controller: The best charge controllers on the market. 2500 watts of roll out Uni-Solar amorphous solar panels (18 of them): Uni-Solar Amorphous panels take up more room per watt than Mono-crystalline but are better suited to the English climate as they deal better with cloudy conditions. 500 AH @ 24v of AGM batteries: AGM batteries are sealed and unspillable. All controlled and configured by an Outback Power Mate 3. The mate3 gives complete control over both charge controller and inverter via a communications hub.

green dragon solar generator panels

The system is flight-cased, DC fused, earthed, RCD protected and uses industry standard MC3 DC connectors and 16 amp CEE form AC connectors and distro.

The Solar generator is available for weekend hire. Discounts for green community organisations, ecological action groups and renewably powered family events.

green dragon solar generator at green gathering 2014

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Sustainable Festival Infrastructure

Sustainable festival and camp infrastructure: Utility grade Outback Solar power and electrical distribution, efficient PA systems up to 5000w including induction hearing aid loops with experienced technicians, canvas marquees, site and d├ęcor lighting including LED festoon and floods, stage and disco lighting, ambient/twinkly lights.

We can run silent discos, loud discos, wedding discos. We do disco… We can also provide a live stage and very experienced sound crew. We can solar power kitchen equipment and loads up to 2kw (6kw peak) including fridges and blenders. We can provide sustainable festival and camp infrastructure packages to suit you.

gaia caberet

We provide infrastructure and technical support for small festivals and camps like The Gaia Tribe, Radical Herbalism Gathering and Positive Vibrations Festival.

Solar Powered Sound System

State of the art efficient 4200w Yamaha PA system coupled with an all LED lighting rig and industry standard off-grid solar equipment. This loud sound system is completely powered from the Sun via our Solar Generator. It is suitable for full bands and DJs and will run all weekend even if its cloudy. We are experienced sound engineers and our Outback power systems inverter is as reliable as a generator and less noisy and smelly. Contact us.

Leylines Trio at sese 2016-sun-18

4 speaker Active Yamaha DSR PA system inc. DSR118W subs and DSR115 full range tops (Yamaha’s top of the range powered speakers), 4 x Yamaha DBR10 powered monitors, plus Shure SM58s, AKG Blueline Condensers, drum and instrument mics, Di Boxes, Behringer Xr18 18ch Digital Mixer (with analogue back-up). The PA system is ultra efficient using the latest Yamaha and Nexo technologies.

Our stage lighting rig is 8 x 15w RGBA LED parcans and 2 x 120w CW/WW/A LED stage floods controlled by Zero88 level 6 DMX. Plus loads of LED strips, festoon lighting and ambient sparklies.

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DSR series specs here.

Photocredits: Will-he-is, Sound of Summer 2016

Canvas Marquee Hire

Green Dragon hires out small marquees, tents and awnings.

New in is this 5mx5m White Canvas frame tent. It is bomb-proof and looks great, light and warm inside.

White frame tent front

Vintage Green Army Marquees

green military marquees

Army marquee hire, they can be cafes, mess tents or catering areas, music venues, cool party spaces, workshop spaces, festival accommodation or living space. They are perfect for WW2 themed events, film props or re-enactments. The marquees are waterproof and because they are made from quality, heavy canvas, we use them for our solar cinema. Contact us.


Green canvas traditional poled tents with walls and ground-sheets can be set up as 6 meters by 9 meters with 2 poles – or as 6 meters by 6 meters with one central pole. I have 2 of these military marquees to hire, one is new and the other is around 50 years old. They are both robust and waterproof. The doors can be placed anywhere you require. The tents can come with fire extinguishers, groundsheets and lighting. Longer wooden poles can raise parts of the sides for doorways.

Gaia Tribe Healing tent


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Cafe and workshop space
Gaia Tribe

Awnings and Shelters

We can erect canvas awnings for rain cover and workshop spaces. Currently we have 2 3x6m green canvas and one 4x4m white canvas.

Corporate Events

Smartly dressed technicians and industry standard AV equipment for internal and external corporate communications. We have over 16 years corporate event experience and are used to dealing with people from all sectors in high profile venues.

Event Technical Project Management.
Set and Staging, custom logos, lettering and vinyl wraps.
High quality PA systems including Radio Microphones.
Video cameras, projection and PowerPoint production.

We will produce your event and make the technology work for you with the maximum of efficiency and minimum of fuss. Contact Us.

Quick links: Solar Powered Sound System, Green Dragon Solar Generator, Marquee Hire.